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Clinically proven solutions

Cosmetic mesotherapy skin rejuvenation or “Mesoface” infuses the skin with potent vitamins and antioxidants to rejuvenate and revitalize it. People who have had a Mesoface describe their skin as firm, radiant, youthful and glowing.

SKIN Brightening

These products have glutathione as an active ingredient. Glutathione is a known antioxidant. Vitamin C and glutathione are combined to give an overall lighter skin tone. The process should be given every 1 week for 6-8 weeks. After the first set has been completed maintenance dose of one or two sessions per month may be continued. There are no side effects. This gives a glow to the face and effect remains for 3-4 months. Done with skin cool machine which is painless, bloodless and fully safe.

SKIN Rejuvenation

In Mesotherapy A very small amount of a blend of vitamins, amino acids and other medications is used into each site. The actual mixture depends upon the problem being treated. The medications only enters the mesoderm or surface layer of the skin. It total, the treatment takes no longer than 15-20 minutes. Post treatment, skin becomes soft like Baby’s skin. Effect remains for 3-4 months.

SKIN Tightening

Collagen and fillers are used to tighten the skin in a small area, mostly on face. Collagen is directly used in the loose sagging skin or the crevices of the skin. It forms new collagen in the face so it gives a younger look. As we age collagen is depleted and HA is depleted. Also we lose elastin which helps maintain skin elasticity. With Meso tightening, we are able to replenish the collagen, elastin and HA, so there is skin tightening. The used collagen and elastin instantly fills the crevices and smoothen them. The end result is such that the skin appears taut, fresh and youthful. Effect remains for 3-4 months. Done with skin cool machine so painless,bloodless and completely safe.

Meso Glow

The science of Mesotherapy originated in France. It involved the placing of nutrients and medications in little amounts at the right place.

  • Intro: In MesoGlow, tiny amounts of nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Centella Asiatica, Zinc, Copper etc are used into the skins living layer – dermis, to stimulate new healthier skin that is radiant and youthful. The procedure is very quick and painless.This is done by skin cool machine. The results are seen after 3 – 5 days.
  • Duration: 20 mins
  • Sessions: MesoGlow is recommended every 2-3 weeks apart. This is a favorite with the stars and fashion industry.

Skin Hydration

Hyaluronic acid injections are marketed in the UK as the IAL system. It is a brand that is manufactured in Italy, and was launched in the U.K. in late 2003. As the skin ages, there is a gradual reduction in the amount of hyaluronic acid. The drop in HA starts at around the age of 18-20 years, and can be contributing factor in later years to a loss of skin elasticity and formation of lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid has, for a number of years, been used to fill out deeper lines and wrinkles, or to enhance lips. A relatively new technique using a specially prepared version of hyaluronic acid for mesotherapy hyaluronic acid into larger areas of skin to help improve skin quality and hydration. It improves the condition of the dermis and stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and the body`s own hyaluronic acid. It also enhances the body`s defense against free radicals, thereby improving cell function and contributing to a fresher and more youthful skin appearance.


We’ve all been there, that moment when you catch yourself shamelessly staring at your friend, colleagues, and neighbors and thinking, how the heck does she/he pull it off? What’s the secret to her/his great hair, pore-free complexion and youngish look?
Well, we decided to go straight to the source and tell you how to get that ageless look with the most advanced option available at Dr Manisha’s clinic We are the Pioneer in this medical aesthetic treatment. Our most advanced anti-aging treatments and therapies can really bring you back the younger you. As there’s no fountain of youth, but some simple advice of our specialized doctors team might be the next best thing.

RF for removal of warts, skin tag and freckles



  • Black Nutrients peel
  • Skin Resurfacing
  • Cell Renewal
  • Anti-Oxidant

Easy, Safe, Deeper and Visible Peeling

Black Nutrients peel the skin visibly to clear the acne lesions, scars and wrinkles. Within 6 days, all acne types of black heads, white heads, pimples, pustles, nodules and cysts as well as acne pigments, scars, brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly improved and whiter and younger looking skin emerges.

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Skin:-Urticaria, Psoriasis, Molluscum Contagiosum, Eczema, Warts, Vitiligo(White spots,Leucoderma), Acne, Pigmentation, Lichen Planus ,Dermatitis e.t.c Hair:- Alopeica areata,Male pattern Baldness(MPB),Female Pattern Baldness(FPB),Trichotillomania,Scalp Psoriasis Respiratory:- Asthma,Bronchitis,Adenoids, Tonsillitis, Sinusitus, Allergic Rhinitis, Nasal polyp, e.t.c Orthopedics:- Ankylosing Spondylitis, sciatica, cervical spondylosis,lumbar spondylosis, Migraine,etc Gastroenterology:- Piles, IBS, Anal Fissure, Anal fistula,Ulcerative colitis, GERD, Acidity, Constipation, Gasformation Female/Gynaecology:- Infertility, Poly Cystic Ovary Disease (PCOD or PCOS), Menopausal troubles, Fibroid, Fibroadenoma Male disorder:- Erectile dysfunction (ED) or Impotence, Premature ejaculation (PE), Oligospermia / Low Sperm Count / Azoospermia, Balanitis , , Gynecomastia, Prostate(BPH) Misc:- Thyroid disorder, haemophilia , anaemia, hypertension